About us

OPS Composite Solutions AS is localized in Sørlandsparken, Kristiansand and is a member of the Southern business cluster; GCE Node.

OPS Composite Solutions was established 25 years ago and has, during its lifetime, acquired great experience within the areas of production and installation of composite materials and thermo plastics. The majority of our operators are skilled operators within the fields of plastic mechanics or plastic shaping, and does jobs both nationally and internationally, on land based constructions and on offshore installations. All of our engineers have a PhD or MSc, and have high technical competence in the field of design and analysis of composite structures.

This combination of long experience with production and high technical competence results in efficient development processes, and we can offer our customers the best solutions in composite applications.

We are continually working on developing our competence on plastic and composite materials in the industry, marine industry and offshore with focus on quality and safety for both employees and the environment. As a result of this, OPS Composite Solutions is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The products we deliver are produced in different plastic materials and sandwich constructions, both thermoplastics and thermosetting, within the industries of:

  • Oil- and gas industry
  • Process industry
  • Shipping industry

Typical products can be piping systems, tanks and process equipment. 

 OPS Composite Produkter

Our values

The ethical guidelines build on and reflect our values. They are guidelines for all employees' conduct, on all levels, when the employees are acting in the service of the company.











We are honest, reliable, ethical and trustworthy in our work and relations.


We strive to give our customers and colleagues excellent technical solutions and services.


We are a collaborative community that actively shares knowledge and experiences for the benefit of our customers.


We respect and care about each other, the customers, and the community and environment where we live and work.


We are proud of the work we do for our customers, and we feel a personal responsibility for the development and the wellbeing of the company.



Our responsible attitude towards each other and all our business stakeholders, shows our commitment to follow these values every day. Our employees act in a matter which protects and build our reputation. 


OPS Lokaler Utklipp