OPS's main products and services are based on composite materials and thermoplastics. 

Composite materials

If composite materials are used in the right way, it will give access to more flexibility and freedom of design than what other materials can offer.

Advantages with composite materials are:

  • High strength and low weight
  • Chemical/corrosion resistance
  • Maintenance-free and low life time costs
  • Customized mechanical and physical properties
  • Anisotropic, material properties dependent on direction
  • You can create complex geometries
  • Integrated functions in the laminate
  • Good fatique properties   



OPS Composite Solutions has long experience within the field of thermoplastic production and construction. Both with poleoleveneer; PE, HDPE, PP and PVC, and special plastic like fluorpolymers; PVDF, PFTC and FEP. Our operators are certified for different welding- and shaping methods and OPS has welding machines and tools to execute work both inside the workshop and out on projects.


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